“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make

our lives whole.” ― Roger A. Caras


The time has come! You need to leave town for business, pleasure or unexpected circumstances. If you are a pet owner it is likely that your biggest concern is what to do with the dog? The next question will probably be sitting or boarding? Where will my dog feel most comfortable while I am away?

Let’s be honest, most dog moms and dads treat their pups with just as much attention, love and affection as they would with a human child. So feeling comfortable with choosing a sitter or boarding facility is a hard bone to chew. Being away from your pup is stressful enough for both you and your four-legged friend. All dogs will react differently when exposed to unusual circumstances. Some will quickly adapt where others need more support and love. This may be the deciding factor when choosing between a sitter and a boarding facility.

Pet Sitting 

When it comes to pet sitting there is generally two types: Pet sitters that come to the house at specified times or sitters the come and live at the pet owner’s house while the owners are away. The benefit from either of these

options is that your pet gets to remain in their own comfortable familiar


space. When pet’s owners are away they can show signs of stress but it tends to be less severe when they are in the familiar surroundings of their own homes.

Having live-in sitters also has the advantage of protecting the pet owner’s home by discouraging potential robberies. These sitters can also take phone messages and care for plants. Live-in sitters are more likely to recognize potential health problems sooner than a larger facility due to the fact that they are only focusing on one or two dogs rather than five or ten. The sitter can arrange for the pets to be seen by their personal veterinarian if needed during the owner’s absence.

Pet Boarding

Traditionally, boarding is most popular resolution for pet owners needing to leave their pets. Thankfully, cold concrete and steel or plastic cages with no common social space is no longer typical. Pet hotels with all sorts of services are now more common. Your pup can lounge on a doggie cot and watch DogTV. They can enjoy the pool at day camp or even get a massage while being surrounded by many furry friends.


Pricing for boarding facilities vary enormously depending on the features and level of service needed for your pup. The more personal attention given to your pet tends to reduce the stress of a new environment but tends to be a large added expanse. Another option is boarding at a veterinary facility so that your pet(s) have immediate access to veterinary care. However, most veterinary boarding facilities are the old fashioned, cold, sterile type.


Stress is indeed the biggest problem with boarding of any sort. However, if you pup adapts quickly to changes this can be a way to save you some dollars over taking the route of getting a pet sitter to visit your home.

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