“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make

our lives whole.” ― Roger A. Caras


This is an important aspect to mention when focusing on the Dalmatian because they shed so much and because they are prone to experiencing skin irritations and problems. When it comes to grooming your Dalmatian the only thing that is tricky is that they require daily brushing because of their shedding. The good-side is that they don’t have the usual bad dog smells, and are a very clean breed. Now that you are aware of this, let’s talk about some grooming key points.


Since Dalmatians are prone to experiencing skin irritations and allergies you want to be sure that you do not bath your Dalmatian too frequently. In addition, using an all-natural soap is key. Dalmatians have a natural oil in their coats and this makes dirt fall off them once it dries, keeping them clean naturally. They also tend to spend a huge amount of time licking and cleaning themselves. Thus shows they do not need to get bathed frequently. Bathing them is one of those rare occasions that you should only do once every 3-6 months or so, and when you do make sure you use pet-safe products only. You should only bathe these dogs when they really dirty or smelly. Other than that, they are good at keeping themselves clean and looking good.


Brushing is very important because Dalmatians shed a lot. You should use a brush for short hair to remove any dead and loose fur. Brush the whole coat thoroughly at least two to three times per week from front to back. Their coats will look shinier and cleaner just from brushing. Weekly brushing will also help keep away unwanted pests off the dog’s coat if there are any.

Nail Clipping

If you let your Dalmatian run over rocks or concrete, his nails will be filed down naturally. However you should still check up on them from time to time to make sure they don’t grow too long. Broken nails are one of the most common problems that veterinarians have to deal with and the healing process is usually long and painful. If you aren’t too comfortable with clipping your Dalmatians nails on your own, you should take them to the vet and watch how they do it for the first time. When you do it on your own, make sure you don’t cut too close to the pink region within the nail. If you accidentally cut it, stop the bleeding and pay attention to the area until it has healed completely so no infection occurs.

Dental Hygiene

Just like us, Dalmatians can get cavities in their teeth. A visit to a dog dentist to get rid of painful cavities won’t be cheap so make sure you take care of your dog’s teeth before that’s the case. The best way to do it is to use dog toothbrush with some doggy toothpaste. Brushing his teeth won’t be an easy task, at least not at first, but with practice you will get it down. Dog toothpaste comes in various flavors so experiment and see which one your dog is the most interested in. This simple decision can make the task a whole lot easier. An alternative method is to give your dog edible chewable like bones and pigskin. Your Dalmatian will love them. Some chewable bones can split into small sharp pieces and hurt your dog. So do your research if you are not sure if about the chews.

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